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My three times Great Grandfather Moses changed his surname from Brice to Bryce between 1819 and 1822.  Moses and his first 5 children were Christened Brice, his sixth child (James) was registered as Bryce.  Three of his children used the name Bryce when they married.  Moses came from a family of agricultural workers from Kings Somborne, Hampshire.  As a butler, Moses would be in the company of a different class of people.  His job would have required that he could read and write (probably the first one in his family to do so), he would have been able to tell the registrar how to spell the name Brice/Bryce.  Was it a deliberate change to erase his past?
This family tree covers the descendants of Moses Brice/Bryce.

Moses's Great Grandfather, John Brice, was born about 1670 to 1680 and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire.  The descendants of John Brice are on my other web site, Brice Family Tree.
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