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For all matters relating to this web site including corrections or comments, please use the Contact Form on the right.
To inform me of a birth, marriage or death, you can use the Add People To This Tree page.

Contact With Family Members
Please do not ask for further details of persons listed on this web site as it will NOT be given.  If you have full access to the web site, many of the personal pages have a link to their facebook page allowing family members to contact each other.  It gives them the option to accept ot reject the contact.

Web Site Updates
If you wish to be notified when new family members are added to the web site, email me and I will include you on the mailing list.

Advertising and Links
If you have a family tree web site that has a connection to this family, I would gladly provide a link to your family tree.  Email me the details of the person and the page you want me to link to.
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