Why password protect these pages?
The personal pages contain people's date of birth and where born which may be used for identity theft.  Protecting them also prevents the search engines scanning the pages and putting the information on the Internet for all to see.

Who can apply for full access to this site?
Any family member that is currently on the family tree and anybody that is related to members on the tree (email me first with your details and how you are connected to the tree, before applying).  There is no charge for family members.  Checkable, genealogists can have full access to the site for 1 year for a fee of £10 (email me with your details and how you can be verified as a genuine genealogist).

How do you get your full access?
Just complete the form on the bottom of this page and select Send Application.  A User Name will be sent to you by email once your User Name and Password are activated on the site.  Please do not forget the Password you have chosen as it will not be included in the return email.

Please Note
The details you provide will be kept secure and never passed on to any other person, company or electronic device of any type.
A user name and password is required to access personal pages of family members that are still living.
Also protected is any person born in the last 100 years that cannot be confirmed as deceased.
Application form for full access to this web site and www.bricefamilytree.co.uk
Note: This form is for new applicants only.
If you have forgotten your User Name or Password, please contact me from the Contact & Information page.