July 2020
It is with great sadness to announce the death of Leslie Relfe Bryce who died yesterday 08 July.  Leslie died peacefully in his sleep at home.  He was a professional photographer and there is a link to some of his famous work on his personal page.

Dexter Andrew Skinner born 31 December 2019 to Timothy Lloyd-Skinner and Jessica Crosby added to the family.

Birth of Mason Liverpool in February found on facebook and added to the tree:

April 2020
Leslie Shortte murdered his estranged wife (Kylie Jane Bryce) in 2005, he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 17 years.  The family have been notified that Leslie died in prison.

Three children found for Clare Victoria House:

Second husband found for Iris House and change of name for her son:

Second Husband, another daughter and family found for Penelope J Griffin:

Another daughter found for the Catterson & Hurst family.  Emily Beatrice Catterson didn't show up on my original search of this family.

March 2020
It's with great sadness to announce the death of a family member.  RIP Robert Alan Bryce.

December 2019
Congratulations to Jamie and Hannah Prince (UK) on the birth of their third child Jack Julian Freddie Prince born on 08 December.

Congratulations to Stephen Bryce (from the Australian side of the family)  and Amanda Hellyer on your marriage on the 02 December.

September 2019
Marriage of Matthew John Liverpool to Vikki Mills in 2018.

May 2019
After contracting pneumonia, Phyllis Rose Wiggins (born Bryce) died in Milton Keynes hospital on Monday 13 May 2019.  She was 92 years old.  Our thoughts are with the family left behind.

March 2019
Marriage for Stephen Paul Bryce added:

Full name and date of birth and death found for Frank T Brown:

Full name, birth and date of death found for Francis F Johnson:

Andrew P House married Linda M Weaver.  Finally discovered she was married before and her maiden name was Parkes.  This information led me to a daughter, now added to the tree:

Wife and 2 more generations added to Reginald Bryce Snow:

Wife of Simon N Griffin added to the tree:

Wife and daughter added for Mark Peter Catterson:

September 2018
Family Map has been added to the family tree and is available in the menu on the right.  The Family Map gives an overview on the structure on how the family pages are interconnected on the web site.  This should make it easier for users to go directly to family pages they are interested in, rather than search for a name in the index.
If it proves useful and I get enough hits on it, I will introduce it to Brice Family Tree later.

Previously unknown daughter of Frederick W House (Edna Rose House) found on the 1939 war register living with her brother.  Her husband and family now added to the tree.

Husband and daughter found for Phyllis Joyce Brown.

July 2018
Congratulations to Lee and Stephanie Prince on the birth of their third child Thomas Lee Prince on 02 July 2018.

May 2018
Congratulations to Matthew and Jenna Wright on the birth of their second child Charlie Matthew Wright on 27 May 2018.

December 2017

Elliott John Watkins born to John Watkins and Heather Jade Keenan in October 2017, has been added to the tree.

November 2017
It is with great regret to announce the death of my aunt, Marion Ellen Bryce (born Driscoll) on Wednesday 22 November. Marion who was 72, suffered for many years with MS and was recently diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

August 2017
It is sad to announce the lose of one of our members from the Australian side of the family.
Betty Bryce (born Cohen) was born in 1939 and was married to Keith Turner Bryce. Keith's father (Arthur Abercrombie Bryce) was the originator of our stem of the Bryce family in Australia.

June 2017
Photos added of Louise Bryce's 50th birthday party held at the Wingate and Finchley Football Club in London on Saturday 27 May.

April 2017
More information added on Cyril George Hex Bryce, where he worked after the Great War and where he lived from 1946 to 1956.

March 2017
When P & O closed their operations in Southampton, Arthur Abercrombie Bryce moved to London and set up a laundry business with his brother Walter William Bryce.  They employed Harriet and Sarah Culff (who both brothers later married) as dressmakers.
I have now found the full address of that business in Amhurst Road, Hackney where they also lived, from two different records.  A photo (current) has been added to Where The Family Lived section in the members area.  Your User Name and Password is required.  The page is still being built but the London area has been completed with a few other additions.

March 2017
The new web site went live.

January 2017

Congratulations to Andrew and Lisa Symons on the birth of their second child Arthur John Symons born at 1.30 pm on the 01 December 2016 in the Midland Hospital, Perth, Western Australia weighing 3.1kg or 6lb 8oz.
Welcome to the family Arthur.

October 2016
As you are probably aware, the top of the family tree is Robert Brice (born about 1742), I cannot find a Christening record for him in Hampshire, where he lived, married and died.  I constructed all the Brice families in the whole of Hampshire hoping to find a link to our family. With over 200 family members, I could not find a link to any of them.  I had to assume that Robert came from out of the county.  As there were no Census records taken in the 1700's, it is very difficult to track family movements.

Between 1740 and 1745 there was only one Robert Brice Christened in England and Wales, and that was in Stoke Goldington, Buckinghamshire.  (Stoke Goldington is near Milton Keynes which is where some of our family live today.)  I constructed all the Brice families in the Stoke Goldington area hoping to find other families that moved to Hampshire.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Bearing in mind:
1. I cannot find a birth for Robert in Hampshire,
2. I cannot find a marriage or death for Robert in Buckinghamshire and
3. Robert Brice of Buckinghamshire is the only one born at the right time in England and Wales,
I am having to assume that they are the same person.  Due to lack of kept records in that period, I don't think I can ever prove it 100%.

A while ago, I bought bricefamilytree.co.uk and used it for that research work.  The new web site is now being used for the Stoke Goldington family and all their offspring to modern day (another 300 family members) taking the family to over 700 people.  I have now (tenuously) taken the family tree back to the 1670's to John and Mary Brice from Bletchley in Buckinghamshire.  This was when Charles II was on the throne.

The Brice Family Tree web site uses a different layout allowing me to get more family on one page, making navigation easier.  This new format will be coming to Bryce Family Tree soon.

August 2016
Congratulations to Matthew and Jenna Wright (UK) on the birth of their first child.  Annabelle Rose Wright was born on the 17 August 2016 weighing 7lbs exactly.

June 2016
Congratulations to Jamie and Hannah Prince (UK) on the birth of their second son Oliver Martin Prince on the 16 June 2016.

March 2016
Congratulations to Nathan and Roslyn Woodhouse on the birth of their son Henry Turner Richard yesterday 7 March 2016.
Henry was born at 1900 hrs at King Edward Memorial Hospital,  Subiaco, Perth. weighing 4365 grams (9 lbs 10 oz).
I am pleased to see the name Turner being used again in the family, from Henry's Great Grandfather Keith Turner Bryce.

January 2016
Our ancestor Moses Brice/Bryce and his family has been a thorn in my side for nearly 9 years now (yes, the family tree will be 10 years old in March 2017).

Who was the wife of Moses?
Why could I not find a Christening record for William Henry Bryce (according to the census, born in London)?
Why could I not find a Christening record for Louisa Stewart Bryce (born Scotland)?
Why was there an 11 year gap between Moses junior and William Henry?

Unfortunately, all the records are not on the Internet yet.  There are many dedicated people out there transcribing the old records and adding them to the databases.  Each year, I go back over the records checking for information that is missing from our tree.  Another hindrance for me; it was this generation that made the name change from Brice to Bryce.

Now I have the answers I have been looking for:

William Henry Bryce - Was born in Lambeth as Henry William Brice, confirmed by his area of birth, his year of birth and his parents.  As he died in prison, I am not surprised by the name change.

Louisa Stewart Bryce - Lied about her age when she married in 1846 and on the 1851 census.  This was because she was older than her husband which was not 'PC' back then.  I found her on the 1841 census, living with her brother Moses junior, with her correct age.  She was born Leuesa Brice, confirmed by her area of birth, her year of birth and her parents.

This led me to the wife of Moses as Scottish records recorded the mother's maiden name which didn't happen in England until 1911.  She was Jane Drake.  I cannot find a record of marriage yet.

After learning this new information, I went looking into the 11 year gap and found Moses and Jane in Colchester, Essex recording the births of 2 more children.  Another Henry William Brice (born 1808).  He must have died before the other Henry William Brice was born, in 1816.  It was quite common in the 1800's to use the same name of a baby that had died.  Also, Charlotte Brice (born 1810).  Charlotte married in Southampton and never changed her name to Bryce.

Moses moved from Kings Somborne, to Colchester, to Lambeth, to Scotland and finally settling in Southampton.  Only rich people moved extensively in the early 1800's, this suggests that Moses traveled in his role as a butler.  He was 30 years old when living in Colchester.

There are some new additions to the families still living in Hampshire with more photos, usurped from facebook.  There are now 405 people on the family tree.

June 2015
It is very sad to announce the death of my cousin Linda Ann Bryce (22 June 2015) aged 55.  Linda suffered for many years with severe Multiple Sclerosis, she never complained about her condition and was great fun to be with.  She will be sadly missed.

Whilst investigating all the Brice families in the west of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire, I have managed to create 87 new family pages.  These were hidden from the Index page as they are not positively linked to our family yet.  This made the file so big, it was hard to manage, it took a long time to open/save and it took forever to upload the web site.  If any of the families are linked to ours, they will be moved on to the main web site.

Because of the name change from Brice to Bryce, I have bought www.bricefamilytree.co.uk.  Eventually, this domain name will go to the main web site too, but for now, it is being used for my research work on the Brice families mentioned above.

I doubt whether you will find these pages of any interest, I just wanted to inform you that we now have two web sites and two domain names.

May 2015
Congratulations to David Gooding and Kelly Martin, from the UK side of the family, on the birth of their son (Dominic Martin Gooding) on Saturday 2 May 2015.